• Title / Position: Field Organizer
  • Organization: Retrofit Baltimore- A Project of Civic Works

I am a generalist by nature, but issues of space and place provide a common thread for my intellectual, professional, and interests. I love thinking and talking about about urban built environment as both a repository for individual and collective memories, and a site of ongoing struggles for social justice.

I work in the field of community organizing and development. In my current position I am a field organizer for Retrofit Baltimore, a project of Civic Works that helps homeowners access energy upgrades, and works to create living wage "green jobs" for underserved Baltimore residents.

I live and work in Northeast Baltimore, and I am happy to call Hamilton home. In my life outside of work I enjoy great storytelling in any form, crafting, finding bright and shiny second hand objects, local beer and food, and long conversations over coffee, cocktails, or a good home cooked meal.

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