• Title / Position: Heritage Area Assistant (& graduate student)
  • Organization: Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area
  • Twitter: @aunigelles

I am an emerging public history professional with experience in governmental and nonprofit settings. I am fascinated by the power of place at historic sites and love learning about local history. I'm currently working on my graduate thesis about commemorations of the War of 1812.

Session proposal: Talk: Exploring Strategies for Inclusivity & Relevance

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As we have all heard (and/or experienced), the current audience for many history museums is not particularly diverse. A 2010 study by Reach Advisors of 15,790 visitors at 40 U.S. history museums found that 78% of adult respondents held college degrees (vs. 28% of total U.S. population), their median household income was $80,000 (compared to… Read more »